A Guide to Date A Curvy Woman

I am a BBW. I am lucky that I have found my true love who truly takes care of me and willing to respect me. I have been through a tough time to look for a perfect boyfriend for most of them were not really know how to date a curvy woman. Although we are nothing different from other skinny girls, we also deserve a better man to respect us and love us. So, from a big beautiful woman’s perspective, I summarize a guide for those men to get some help when they are trying to date a BBW woman on dating sites.

1. Your opinion about weight can wait.
There are so many men who want to find his date on BBW dating sites, but they will fail eventually. Why? Most of them will try to impress those chubby women by expressing their love for them. And they will mention those fat words in their username, headline, introduction and some other places in their profile, as well as the first message, which is a total fault. You may think it sounds like you pay more attention to their body, rather than themselves. It hurts much. So, it is not recommended to point out that the reason that you try to contact her is for her big body, which makes her feel disrespectful.

2. Don’t feel stressed when you approach a BBW who is suspicious
For most of fat girls, they all experienced bad things when they were dating others. The man they were dating might speak badly of chubby women in front of their friends, but smiled to them and pretended to love them. That behavior would hurt them badly. After all, they are normal girls who are self-respecting. They would feel hurt and betrayed when the one they love is not into them with all his heart. So, if a full-figured girl tends to be a little suspicious then you approaching her, don’t take it personally. You need to do is try to open her heart and let her trust you with your personalities and your genuineness.

3. Try to communicate with her about her experiences
For plus size women, they will have some different experiences from skinny women. The things they encounter that makes them feel uncomfortable may related to their weight. And those experiences needed to be spoke out to somebody they feel trusted. You need to know when is the time for you to talk about her wight. Usually, it won’t take a long time if you are serious for them. They will feel your love and respect naturally. Both of you wish your BBW relationship can come to this step, which means you may be the true love in each other’ s life.