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Why a lot of men prefer dating BBW today

Today, having a date is very normal in our daily life. But if you are a fat girl, you may lack of confidence to date with someone, because you are afraid that others don’t like your figure. As a matter of fact, there are so many men who prefer having dates with fat women(dating BBW), it means you still have many opportunities to have a date. Here, i would like to tell you why a lot of men want to dating plus size women today? And you may find your confidence and values from my words.

First of all, fat women have a kind of special beauty, many people called it classic beauty. Because from some historical works and some movies which about ancient time, we can see many beautiful and famous women are very fat. That is the beauty in ancient people’s eyes. So, nowadays, some men still like fat women, it is not a surprising thing i think. Secondly, in our daily life, if some of your friends are fat, you can easily find an obvious feature of them. They all have large breasts. That’s it! So, some men who like those women with large breasts, they usually choose to date BBW. And what’s more, they think women with large breasts are good for developing their children in the future. Thirdly, we can find that it is difficult to guess fat people’s real age, right? That’s because many fat women look younger than those slim women in our daily life. And also, the wrinkles on fat peopel’s face are not very obvious compared with others. So, that why men want to seek for fat women to date. Fourthly, fat women always have very soft muscle and if you touch it you will feel very comfortable. So, for some men, they like this kind of feeling. For example, when they hug fat women, it feels like touch a bear with soft fur. And when they are watching TV, they can snuggle up to fat women, it feels like a soft pillow. These two examples are too vivid i think. The last point is that fat women don’t mind go outside and have big meals. You know, for those slim girls who attach much importance to their figures, they dare not eat too much or even go on a diet. Many men do not like this kind of girl actually, because it will make them lose their appetite if girls refuse to eat together and just watch them eat. So, men prefer BBW dating and eat happily with them.

In conclusion, from what i have said, you can easily find that fat women are very popular among men actually. So, don’t always think about your body figure and how to be slim. Just do yourself and be happy!

Tips for BBWs about how to post profile photos properly

At the same of those skinny women, big beautiful plus size women also desire of dating sometimes. Although they may not have prefect body shapes, it really doesn’t matter i think. And in other words, having a big figure is not always a bad thing. But for some BBWs, sometimes they want to show their most beautiful photos to others on the BBW dating websites. So, how to choose a profile photo properly and then put it into the plus size dating site is still a big problem for those BBWs. Here, i would like to list some tips about this point which may give you some help.

The first point is that you have to go outside to take a photo. For example, go to a nature park or a beautiful beach. Because compared with taking a photo in a dark room, go outside will not only make your photo look much clearer but also will make a good impression on others. You know sometimes the power of the environment is great. Isn’t it? Secondly, wear the clothes that make you look beautiful and feel comfortable. We know that a person’s appearance do makes a difference in how others judge him, but on the other hand, the taste of a person’s attire is important as well. So, taking a photo with proper attire may help you a lot i think. Thirdly, do not wear sunglasses to take a photo as your profile picture. Because, we always say that our eyes are the windows of our hearts. And some people even require to see your eyes when they see your profile picture, they believe eyes can express something sometimes. So, don’t hide your eyes when you post your profile picture. Fourthly, you’d better take a photo when you stand rather than when you sit down. Because that pose may let your figure look much better. Fifthly, do not find a straight angle to take a photo, it will show your figure shortcoming directly. And the picture may look not as good as you imagined at the most time. Last but not least, taking a photo when you stand, and at the same time you can try to pull your shoulders at the back if it is possible for you. That will help you to make your arms look more slim and much longer, it is a good thing for you i think.

To summary, profile picture is really important and if you put it properly, you will attract many people at the beginning. Anyway, hope my tips can give you some ideas.

Some tips of asking a guy out for BBWs

Today, most men would like to go outside for dates and enjoy themselves. But there is a phenomenon, a big part of those men like to date with skinny and sexy women rather than oversize women. So, we can see that a person’s body shape makes an important role in a date relationship, and also there are many women choose to lose weight in order to find their love. But on the other hand, if you are a beautiful plus size woman and have already met a guy on the BBW dating website. That’s good! And now, it’s time for you to ask that guy out, use all of your wisdom and inner charm to win his respect. Here are some tips may do you a favor.

First of all, if you want to invite a guy out, you have to start a good conversation with him. For example, you can try to get some information about his favorite things, hobbies and so on. Then, start the topic with this kind of thing when you talk with him. He may be interested in it easily and is willing to continue the conversation. That is a good chance for you to ask him out i think. Secondly, as a matter of fact, BBWs are not easy to invite a guy out with them. It doesn’t matter! What you should do is try to be confident and show your own positive attitudes to him. Graduately, i believe he will be attracted by your inner qualities and would like to go out with you. It is a big success for you and it means that you win his real respect. Thirdly, you should try to keep calm when you ask that guy. I know you will feel a little bit nervous to invite a man out, especially at the first time. But no matter how exciting and nervous you are, you must keep calm and pretend to ask him naturally. For instance, asks him” Would you like to have a meal?” Such as this kind of question. If he agreed, then you can ask him out during the later talking. The fourth point is that you have to tell the man your specific plan. I mean you should not just tell him some general information and that will make him feel confused. So, you must tell him your real intention and especiall the place and time you want to meet him. That will be much better i think. Last but not least, do not always think about that whether you will have a good result or not. Just go out with the man, enjoy the time together. What’s more, do yourselve and let him find your real advantages even though you are a BBW.

In conclusion, these tips will help you a lot if you are a BBW and want to ask a guy out. And also, if you invite a guy out successfully, i sincerely hope that you guys can have a good outcome eventually!


Why More Men Choose to Consider Dating Plus Size Women

Everyone has their own aesthetic standard. Many men prefer dating slim women or those having ripped bodies. Some people all over the world are fascinated about dating plus size women. The internet has opened up a new world of dating. According to a dating style survey, plus size dating and BBW dating is growing faster than other dating styles. Why BBW dating is so popular among these dating styles? In fact, there are a large number of men are attracted to plus size women. And here are several reasons you should date a BBW:

1.Plus size women are basically humble towards their shape
Chubby women have faced many critiques in terms of their size and shape, they have to learn to become humble. Just because friends and colleagues hurt them by a lot of neglect, rejection and hatred, makes them learn to treat others with respect and dignity. Furthermore, they know there is always someone who looks better and more popular than them, they don’t want to make any comparisons.

2.BBWs are proud of their good appearance
Even though they are usually rebuked by others around them, they always keep their lifestyle. If you are searching for a partner who is determined. Because they are lack of an arrogant figure, they more pay attention to their look. They have made effort to make themselves immune to inferiority complex all these years. If you can shower her with affection, she will be appreciated and treat you as a prince.

3.Unlike skinny women that often indulge in self
BBWs are great listeners, they always make an effort to understand what others are saying, interrupting only when appropriate to ask questions. Let’s face it, plus size people always good at discuss with people. And they can understand us so well that come up with a perfect solution at the crucial moment.

4.Most BBWs know how to dress themselves
Despite being a little larger than other women, they have a great aesthetic sense about dressing. A slim lady wouldn’t spend much time finding a suitable dress, while a chubby woman would have to choose again and again the right dress that she has to wear according to the occasions. Compared to skinny ladies, you will be noticed that BBWs are much more creative when it comes to dressing.

5.It’s quite comfortable when you hold her
As an adult, you will find her curves fairly sexy sometimes. It goes without saying that it’s quite comfortable when you hold her in your arms, particularly while sleeping. Unlike hold a skinny woman, hold a plus size woman like hold a teddy bear. You will have a sense of security.

The five reasons mentioned above are enough to show how wonderful it would date a BBW. As time goes by, looks will gradually fade away, but the inner character will stay forever. Dating a BBW would make sure your relationship keep the fresh and exciting after several decades. Compared to skinny women, plus size women are more kind and virtuous. They will stay with you when you are most fragile and vulnerable instead of leaving you aside.