Big Beautiful Women also need fashion

Well, with the developmemt of our economy and modern society, more and more people pursuit fashion whether in work or in their daily life. So, today i’m going to say something about the fashion of big beautiful women. But before talking that, i would like to say something about Victoria’s secret. Yes, i believe most of you guys have heard this term, it is a very famous fashion show, and it was watched by lots of people from all over the world.

However, what i really want to say is that those models on the show are skinny girls mostly. This show doesn’t mind the backgrounds of the models, but not body shapes. As a result, those plus size women seldom have opportunities to follow the fashion. This is not fair for those BBWs i think. But on the other hand, our modern society is developing fast, and almost everything around us is changing all the time. So, as far as i am concerned, nowadays, it is time to accept this kind of beauty. Big body shape is not the symbol of curvy people, it has its own charm as well.

In other words, nowadays, we can see that there are a lot of curvy dating sites which designed for those plus size people, especially those BBWs. It offers curvy people a big stage to find their true love and enjoy the wooplus dating life just like those skinny women. I think that is a wonderful change. So, from this change, let’s think over about another point-why not allow plus size women to join in those fashion show? In my opinion, fashion is a kind of beauty and attitude, the size of body shape is not very important in a way. And what’s more, there are many beautiful and sexy plus size women around our life, they still need to be accepted by fashion circle. There is a big advantage of that, if plus size women are allowed to be models in some fashion shows, i believe it will be a great encouragement for other BBWs. And in the future life, no matter what others comment on their body shapes, they will be more confident rather than be shamed like normal. This kind of change can make our world more colorful.

In conclusion, let plus size women join in the fashion shows is really a big change. But more importantly, it is a good change! It deserves to do that.