Three Important Signs Show You Should Break Up

Breakup can be heart broken. Yes, I just broke up with my boyfriend last month. I still remember the first time we met each other. Wonderful and excited! I knew him from a famous hookup dating app and after some online and offline BBW datings, we became lovers. But now, everything had changed. I don’t known since when, he stopped chatting with me about his dream and I stopped praising him.

I knew something went wrong but I culd change it. But I have to say after breaking up with my boyfriend, I am sad but at the same time, I am a little released. And I asked for the help from a very famous emotional experts why I had this feeling. She told me some signs we should break up with lover.

The first sign like me- your lover continously says you can’t do anything by yourself. My boyfriend was always saying I could not do a thing without him. For example, I decided to take the postgraduate examination but he said I was not very clever and I decided to take the accountant examination but he said the accountant woule be very tired after work. I argued with him about the same problems many times and I just wanted him to support me but he seldom did.

After hreaking up with him, I decided to take the postgraduate examination because this is what I want and I think I should have a try for myself. If your partner negatively affects our confidence, then we feel worthless so they can maintain the power over us. If you feel that your confidence has generally declined and your self-worth has deteriorated significantly, you should break up decisively.

The second sign is that your lovers starts to use dating apps again. This is a dangerous sign because you don’t when your lover may find another one and you don’t know it at all. If you find your boyfriend o girlfriend starts to smile at the phone, you should know that maybe he/she is using a hookup app to find someone else. Your lover may be tired of you. Why not let him/her go and say goodbye cooly.

The third sign is that you oftern say sorry to your lover. No matter what happens, you will feel sorry at the first time even you know this is not your fault. Like me, every time I argue with my boyfriend, I will say sorry at first because he always said I was emotional. I knew sometimes, I just followed my heart and I could control myself to say something bad to him, but I just wanted to get his support and forgive.

But after several times, for each arguement , he would let me apoligize firstly and I did because I knew if I won’t, this arguement might never end. In short, if you find for each argument, it is you who say sorry at first, maybe your partner is not suitable for you as love and respect should be given by both parties.

Hope the above three signs can work for you!