Wednesday 5 July 2023

Why some men are fond of plus size women

Although nowadays, most people think that those women who have small body shapes may be more popular and attractive among men. More and more men are interested in curvy dating and bbw hookup. Well, we cannot deny it in a way, but on the other hand, it is not very correct I think. Because there are a large group of men who prefer plus size women rather than skinny women. As a matter of fact, that is a normal phenomenon recently, and some of you may feel confused about it. Never mind, let’s talk about this problem together- why those men prefer BBWs and BBW dating?

To begin with, plus size women are very healthy. Well, nowadays, some people believe that women with big body shapes are not healthy, as a matter of fact, this kind of view is wrong. Because those plus size women just keep healthy in their own styles, and on the other hand, different people have different standards when it comes to fitness around the world. In my personal view, it may be relevant to people’s natural environments, life habits and some other factors. Anyway, some men can realize this point, and they prefer those BBWs as well. The next reason is that those BBWs are much more mature than skinny women in a way. Well, BBWs are not only famous for their beautiful looks, in most cases, they give people a kind of feeling just like mothers. And what’s more, no matter when they talk or deal with something, most of BBWs can do it well. I mean they always do like mature people. And this feature also attracts a large number of men. Last but not least, get along with plus size women usually makes those men happy and interesting. For example, we all know that plus size women like eating different kinds of delicious food very much, and more importantly, most of them are able to cook nice dishes, so that men who like eating would like to choose curvy women as their life partners. Besides this, plus size women like to share their life experiences with their partners as well, and those men who have the same hobbies as BBWs are always fond of them. By the way, I think that’s why both of them have many common topics to talk about. 


In a word, in fact, these points are not enough to explain why some men would like to choose BBWs as their partners. But at least, i believe that you guys can catch some main information from these small points, and also if you have some opinions about this topic, welcome to share your views with us. 

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